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How To Prevent Coronavirus(covid-19) Spread?


Coronavirus disease 2019 or COVID-19 is a virus that attacks the area or respiratory system. This virus can affect anyone from infants, children, adults, to the elderly can be affected by this deadly disease.

The beginning of this virus was found in China precisely in the city of Wuhan, and until now it has spread throughout the world, even India is also included in the area of ​​the spread of this Coronavirus.

    How Does Coronavirus Spread?

    Coronavirus can spread through the air, coughing from the coronavirus sufferer, physical contact, touching objects that have been touched or used by Coronavirus sufferers, and many more. Basically, if there are people who suffer from the coronavirus you must be careful and keep your distance.

    Symptoms of Coronavirus

    1. cough
    2. slimy (runny) nose
    3. sore throat
    4. fever
    For those of you who experience symptoms like the one above, it would be nice to directly go to the doctor and check it out, before it's too late.

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    How to Prevent Coronavirus?

    1. Wash your hands diligently with soap and water or alcohol rub
    2. Maintain strong body immunity (prime)
    3. Use surgical masks or N95 masks
    4. Maintain social distance (minimum 1 meter)
    5. Avoid places that have been infected with coronavirus (COVID-19)
    6. Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth
    7. Practice respiratory hygiene
    8. Avoid people who have been exposed to the coronavirus
    9. If you have a fever, cough, and difficulty breathing, seek medical care soon
    10. Stay informed, follow advice from your healthcare provider
    11. Take medicine to increase endurance

                      The point is wherever you are, you must be careful especially in public places that have indicated Corona disease, and always keep the environment around you clean so that there are no nesting diseases.

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