One Country of the World is safe from Coronavirus, Where Corona has not happened


As we know that Coronavirus(COVID-19) that started in China is now slowly spreading the whole world, almost half of the world has been troubled by this virus. Italy has had the highest number of deaths so far. China is second after Italy.

But there is a country in the world where this virus has not yet entered.

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Let us Know its Reason
The Coronavirus which creates disturbance all over the world but cannot even enter the West Indies. West Indies is the only Country of the World is safe from Coronavirus.

The reason for this is the heat there. Coronavirus has not been reported in this one country due to the heat of the West Indies. Because according to reports, the coronavirus cannot spread under extreme heat.
West indies

Know more about Coronavirus
NOTE: At this time the whole world is upset due to coronavirus(COVID-19) in such a situation, follow the instructions given by the government. Be more careful.

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