What is the full form of OK?

full form of OK
There is a full form for OK. Everyone nowadays uses OK commonly in the whole world, but when it comes to knowing the full form OK then it becomes very tricky. There is a full form for OK and spelling variations of OK (include Okay & O.K.).

Now we discuss the full form of OK.
Most of the people said that the full form of OK is "oll korrect" which is a jockey word for "all correct". But the true full form for OK is not "oll korrect", The true full form for OK is that only 1% of people know that its real and true full form is "objection killed". It means, if we enter the word OK then it means that our objection or doubt has been cleared.

  • The full form of ok is Objection Killed.
  • Talking about the OK, it is the 2nd shortest English word and sentence.

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