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Types of Hair Men & Women: Figure Out Your Hair Type

Types of Hair Men & Women
Types of Hair Men & Women
Determining your actual hair type can play an important role in the effectiveness of your daily hair care routine. And yet, figuring out your right hair type may be easier said than done.

    Types of Hair

    There are two popular systems for determining your hair type.
    1. Andre Walker system
    2. L.O.I.S system

    Andre Walker Hair Typing System

    The Andre Walker Hair Typing System is a classification system for hair types formed by Oprah Winfrey's stylist Andre Walker in the year 1990.

    The system is split into four types with subtypes labelled A, B and C.

    1. Straight Hair Type (Type 1)
    2. Wavy Hair Type (Type 2)
    3. Curly Hair Type (Type 3)
    4. Kinky Hair Type (Type 4)
    Andre Walker Hair Typing System
    Andre Walker Hair Typing System
    Once you get your hair with these four categories, you can classify your hair type based on shine, thickness, and texture.

    Type 1

    Type 1 hair is straight with no curl or wave pattern. This hair does to be shiny. Type 1 hair is completely straight and is completely flat with no volume.

    Type 2a

    Type 2a hair is a cross between straight & wavy hair. This type is usually called the “S” wave type of hair. This type of hair manages to shine.

    Type 2b

    Type 2b hair also forms a letter like “S” wave or curl. This type of hair has a tendency to frizz as well as is resistant to styling.

    Type 2c

    Type 2c hair is denser and has more curls than actual waves. It has a coarse texture, is frizzy and is difficult to style.

    Type 3a

    Type 3a hair is well defined, shiny and springy. The hair curls are big and loose. This hair can also be straightened.

    Type 3b

    Type 3b hair is also well-defined and springy. This hair texture is coarse but the hair can be straightened, but it can be difficult.

    Type 3c

    Type 3c hair has tight curls in the shape like corkscrews. The hair curls can either be kinky or tightly curled, with strands of hair packed densely together.

    Type 4a

    Type 4a hair is when hair starts to get wiry. This hair has a specific curl pattern, with strands densely packed together.

    Type 4b

    Type 4b hair has a less defined pattern. It instead has a letter like “Z” pattern. Instead of coiling and curling, the hair bends at sharp angles like the letter “Z”. This type of hair feels cotton when touched.

    Type 4c

    Type 4c hair can vary from super fine to wiry and course. This hair is densely packed together with strands. It has been said that 4c hair does similar to 4b hair.
    hair types

    L.O.I.S Hair Typing System

    The second hair typing system is the L.O.I.S hair typing system which is simpler than the Andre Walker system.

    L.O.I.S system classifies hair based curl pattern of hair.

    1. L- Hair has a sharp angle zig-zag bends.
    2. O- Hair curls on itself into circles.
    3. I- Hair lies flat with no discernible curl pattern.
    4. S- Hair has a wavy pattern.
    L.O.I.S hair typing system
    L.O.I.S hair typing system

    L.O.I.S system classifies hair based texture of hair.

    1. Thready
    2. Wiry
    3. Cottony
    4. Spongy
    5. Silky
    Thready hair has a low softly but high shine when straight and doesn’t really frizz. This type of hair quickly gets wet and dry.

    Wiry hair has a high softly, low shine and low frizz. This type of hair reflects water so never seems to be fully wet when washing.

    Cottony hair has a low softly but high shine when straight and easily gets frizzy. It absorbs water quickly but because the water goes into the strand it doesn’t seem to get wet quickly.

    Spongy hair has a high softly but low shine and frizzes in parts (so when you twist it over the week it will frizz but stay in sections). The strands absorb water before becoming thoroughly wet.

    Silky hair has a low softly and very high shine. The frizz varies from high to low and it easily gets wet.

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