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I dedicate this award to King Khan - Muhammad Khan (Indonesian actor)

 Muhammad Khan (Indonesian actor)- left  |  Shah Rukh Khan(Indian actor)-Right

King Khan Shah Rukh Khan has been inspiring millions of people to never give up on their goals.

Muhammad Khan, an Indonesian new actor who won  Piala Citra Awards 2019  for best actor in a Leading Role, dedicated his trophy to Shah Rukh Khan during the award ceremony on 8th December.

In his award receiving speech, Muhammad said, - "I would like to thank the one and only King Khan. Shah Rukh Khan, I hope you are going to watch this video. Shah Rukh ji, main tumse kuch kehna chahta hoon. Mujhe tumse bohat, bohat pyaar ho gaya hai. Actually, you are the reason why I wanted to become an actor when I was 10. So, tonight, I would like to share this award with you as well. And I hope I can meet you one day."

He also sang 'Mere Mehboob Mere Sanam', a 1998 hit song from Shah Rukh Khan's movie Duplicate.

One of his fans posted the entire video of Muhammad's award receiving speech and it caught SRK's attention.

SRK wrote, 'I am so glad for your success. Will meet you soon. Have a good life and keep feeling as an actor....& Thks everyone for bringing this to my notice.'

Well, this is one of the reasons why Shah Rukh Khan is loved across the globe. It has been more than 3 decades and his stardom is increasing multiple. He is a superstar for a reason after all!

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