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Bigg Boss 13: Top Secrets and Facts about Bigg Boss

Top Secrets about Bigg Boss
Top Secrets about Bigg Boss
Big Boss is India’s Most Controversial Reality Show located earlier in Lonavala until Season 12, currently in Mumbai with season 13.

Top Secrets and Facts about Bigg Boss

Here we have shared Top Secrets about Bigg Boss House from an ex-contestant itself.

Before the show starts the selected contestants are given code names.
so that the names of contestants don't get leaked in media.

No Communication with Media after Selection.
If they do then the producers have the right to exclude that particular contestant from the show.

Signing Amount of contestants.
It is 8 Lakhs minimum, even if a contestant gets evicted in the first week.

If you quit midway, you have to pay a hefty fine.
A penalty of Rs 2 Cr. will be charged if a contestant was found leaving by consent, he/she wishes to leave the show with or without reason.

No interference in the matters of editing and final cut of the episodes.

The crew on set to shoot the video behind the glass mirrors.
There is crew on sets of the big boss who works behind the scenes to shoot the video behind the glass mirrors to look inside the house without anyone noticing them.

There is no washing machine nor food blender in Bigg boss house.
These equipment make noise this is why they can hamper important conversation.

No outside food was allowed other than ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ on weekends.
The housemates were allowed to cook their food. On weekend ka var, no housemates self-cooked their food because the food was cooked by Salman Khan’s Chef.

No Alcohol & Drugs ( Only Smoking ).
The big boss show doesn't allow making alcohol or drinking alcohol or drug on the show. They follow their guidelines strictly. However Big boss used to allow smoking for those contestants who were comfortable smoking in the smoking-room.

There is no clock in the Bigg Boss house.
The contestants who were inside the big boss house have no fixed time to eat meals or do any other activity they wanted.

No telecast day (Saturday).
Saturday was not recorded or telecasted unless there was any big fight or interesting thing that happened.

Avoid any branded clothes or very dark colors clothes.
Every single corner of every contestant is screened to avoid any branded clothes or very dark colors clothes that are not good for the camera to shoot the video.

No caps, no sunglasses, books, clock, hairdryer were also not allowed.

Couples get intimate inside the house.

If the celebs get intimate with each other i.e., they are so comfortable with each other or they make a loving relationship with each other then they are allowed to have that. As this is a family show, that's why they only show the edited version.

House Cleaning inside Bigg Boss.
The maintenance of the house was to be done by the housemates if the big boss feels the work wasn't properly done - the housemates were given a punishment of similar activity. The house was not entirely cleaned by the housemates, but there were some parts that were not covered so big boss used to sent a cleaning team to wipe off the dirt & everything else that doesn't look good on camera.

Special Request of  Contestants.
The contestants were allowed to carry two bags as their luggage apart from that big boss allowed the housemates to make a special request. Such as shampoo, dress altering and many more. A point-of-contact was allotted for every contestant to order items that the contestant requires. They would just need to convey the same on the camera.