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What is the meaning of idk in chat?

Meaning of idk in chat is I don’t know Idk is part of the newly developed slang for SMS Language. P…

5 Best Anti-Hair Fall Shampoos for Men to Prevent Hair

Not only you but Everyone deserves a full head of amazing, healthy hair. If you are only experienci…

Homemade Green Tea Honey Face-Pack for healthy and fair skin

Green Tea Honey Face-Pack Green tea is filled with various health benefits. Green tea is packed wit…

JL50 teaser: Abhay Deol-starrer SonyLIV’s upcoming sci-fi mystery drama film about a plane that crash lands 35 years after take-off

Sony LIV picks up Abhay Deol-starrer JL50 as new original series The first teaser for Abhay Deol an…

Independence Day 2020 Celebrations across India

India Celebrated Independence Day on 15 August every year. What is Independence Day and why do we c…

When and Why is the Rath Yatra Celebrated?

Rath Yatra Probably a lot of people know about the Rath Yatra, but there will be very few people wh…

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